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The answer is easy when you hire you get:

  • Hundreds of successful DUI cases (Impaired Driving);
  • A whole team of lawyers — not just one — for your DUI charge (Drunk Driving); who have:
    • Over 50 combined years of DUI defense experience;
    • Certified operators of the same Breath testing equipment that was used on you;
    • Varying fees;
    • Proven court experience;
    • perseverance, determination, experience and abilities;
  • A team of DUI defense Attorneys (Lawyers) for your Impaired Driving charge, lead by a former Criminal Prosecutor¬† from:
    • Special Prosecutions, Attorney General of Ontario;
    • Provincial Prosecution Office of the Attorney General of Ontario;
    • Department of Justice, Federal Criminal Prosecutions;
    • Alberta Justice, Criminal Prosecutions
  • A team of lawyers who will tell you when there is no hope;

Lawyers at AlbertaImpairedDriving.ca have the ability you demand, the experience you require and the honesty you deserve.

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