What we do at is this:

The first step we will take is to meet with you.  This allows you the opportunity to obtain preliminary advice from us and to determine if you want to hire us as your DUI lawyers.

Most clients want us to tell them immediately that we can win their case.  However, before we have the police’s side of the case we cannot provide an informed and honest opinion. After we meet with you we will to obtain the “disclosure” from the police on your DUI charges, review it and undertake legal research.

After we have done this we will consult with you again and present our opinion to you.  While the vast majority of cases have hope for success, you can be assured our opinion will be a straightforward, honest, and experienced opinion with no sugar coating.  We know what you want to hear but we will tell it as it is. We will then obtain your instructions to take the matter to trial or take other steps.

If the matter proceeds to trial, we will do everything within the law to win your case.

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